Three Aces

The Chicago restaurant scene is so dynamic. I spent many afternoons in high school exploring Taylor Street restaurants. By the time I went to college and came back this unique Rock ‘n Roll classic had appeared. And, it came with a following that would make you think it is an old Taylor Street classic.

The place: Three Aces 1321 W. Taylor St. Chicago, IL

Three Aces capitalizes on the timeless coolness of Rock N Roll. Its red and black wallpapered walls are sprinkled with framed pages ripped from classics like Alice in Wonderland. It feels like a darker, cooler world but, also has a neighborhood bar feel. (Again amazing because it hasn’t been there that long.)

Carbonara Pizzetta
Carbonara Pizzetta

True to the Little Italy spirit, they have amazing pizza The cool twist is that they are served on wood slabs -as in sections of a tree trunk!  The Calabrese (salametto calabrese, calabrian chili, oregano, mozzarella, parmesan) is like a fancy pepperoni pizza with some kick. The Carbonara (parmesan cream, house bacon, black pepper, farm egg yolk, parsley) could make even the most loyal deep dish fan look twice. I liked it so much that I ordered it again on my second visit. They also have burgers and seafood. Maybe I will get to that next time! The Duck Fat Chips taste like regular chips, but there is something richer about them. They filled me up in a way chips normally don’t. However, after trying the Bolognese Fries, there is no turning back. They are like fancy Italian chili fries.

Bolognese Fries
Bolognese Fries

Despite the amazing menu, Three Aces is, in fact, a bar. They have the drink menu to prove it.  Asking for recommendations is always the way to go. That way, you can try something new based on what you already like.

Some things to consider: All their pizzas are on their late night menu which is available until 1AM. The Bolognese Fries made the late night cut too! They host a lot of cool events like oyster hour and bondage bingo (50 Shades is everywhere these days). This is a great spot if you happen to be heading to Fulton Market after a Rhianna concert at the United Center, but go the wrong way and end up on Taylor instead. It is also a great place to grab dinner or a late night snack on purpose. There is meter parking on Taylor Street, but it is a hard place to grab a cab. The blue line is pretty close and it is walking distance (ish) from Rush and UIC.

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Get ready to Eat, Drink and Rock ‘N Roll!