D4 Irish Pub and Cafe

I really like Irish pubs. They are comforting, casual and usually have extensive drink menus and mac ‘n cheese. Mac ‘n cheese is one of those things that goes straight from your stomach to warm your heart, but not in an artery clogging way. This place has more than just great lobster mac ‘n cheese and an extensive drink selection, but those things are great too!

The Place: D4 Irish Pub & Cafe; 345 E. Ohio Chicago, IL (Right next to Yolk)

The restaurant is comforting and cozy, but D4 is definitely on the nicer end of pub grub when it comes to the food and to the space.  You could definitely have a more intimate dinner here or just hang out with a larger group of friends to get your night started or chill out after work. The staff is also super friendly and accommodating. We ordered two dishes to share and they split them for us onto separate plates; we didn’t even have to ask. I feel like this doesn’t usually happen unless you are at a really nice restaurant. When you want to split, you usually end up with two dishes in the middle and tiny plates to figure it out yourself. Them splitting it for us was a nice touch!

The lobster mac ‘n cheese is so so so good! They used shells which I personally think is the best mac ‘n cheese base, because they are like little cups for the cheese. Although I guess that would make it shell ‘n cheese. Anyway, it is also guilt free because there are peas in it; so, you have your veggies covered! Their regular mac ‘n cheese also has peas, but no shells. We had a pulled pork sandwich that was one of their specials. It had a fried onion ring (so more veggies) and a spicy slaw (even more veggies). Both were amazing and I am so sad the sandwich was a special, because I would like to get it again. Although I have faith that everything else is pretty good too. I hear great things about the fish tacos, I am not a fish taco person, but I generally trust my sources. They  have pub classics like shepherd’s pie and fish and chips and some lighter options like flatbreads and ceviche.

D4 has such a great drink selection. They have dressed up versions of classics like ginger cider, comforting warm ups like spiked hot chocolate and a huge beer list. Our server gave us great suggestions like a Big Apple, cider and jager.

Some things to consider: It can get busy so make a reservation if you don’t want to wait. They have great happy hour $5 small plates and you get a 20% discount if you have a Northwestern wildcard.

For more information: http://www.d4pub.com/index.html

Class up your pub grub!

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